Comments on Hayle Harbour Development

Despite approval from Cornwall County Council, ING’s present proposals (1000 homes plus various retail, industrial and business units including a large supermarket) are still awaiting conclusion of a 106 Agreement, which can effectively be seen as a developer tax to cover the cost of the additional infrastructure (schools, roads, lighting etc) required to support the additional development.

View of Hayle showing location for majority of ING housing

View across Hayle pool, showing location of the majority of proposed ING housing

Interestingly, despite the cited reasons for S106 ‘contributions’, and The Office Of the Deputy Prime Minister’s circular of May 2005, requiring councils to track the actual use of S106 payments, there are reports of a lack of transparency within councils; payments can merely be allocated to the ‘wider pot’ of council spending, rather than to specific upgrades which they are supposed to cover. It will be interesting to note if the use of the large sum, which could be expected from a development of this size, will be traceable and accountable by CCC. is not responsible for comments written on this website, however we will attempt to remove defamatory or offensive comments as soon as we are made aware of them.